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Anybody good with relationship advice?

care to hear my messed up story..


This is surprisingly true when you think about it.. 

that ass

we’re higha than a muthufucka

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so perfect love this
  • fitblrs: why does water cost more than soda
  • fitblrs: why does a salad cost more than a hamburger
  • fitblrs: why does fruit cost more than candy
  • fitblrs: why do vegetables cost more than chips
  • fitblrs: why do workout clothes cost more than cute shirts
  • fitblrs: why do sports bras cost more than regular bras
  • fitblrs: why does spandex cost more than jean shorts
  • fitblrs: why

The advantages of drinking water in the morning!


People ask me, “Why on earth are you so comfortable flaunting yourself in such a tight dress like that? It’s so revealing, you shouldn’t expose yourself like that. It’s not like you have the right body for it anyway… How do you deal with the judgement?” It’s because I’ve been far far worse and I know that my body is god damn beautiful exactly the way it is. Whether it’s at 270 pounds (left) or 158 pounds (right), it’s perfect. And I will flaunt it however the hell I want to.

Guuuurl you are rocking that dress! :D You seriously look amazing.